AIM :This medication is intended to correct the chemical changes in your body, which are associated with depressive illness.  This medication is different to Serotonin drugs (SSRIs).  It focuses particularly and almost exclusively on the noradrenaline pathways within the brain, in contrast to most other antidepressants which focus on the serotonin pathways within the brain.  Both the noradrenaline and the serotonin pathways are believed to be involved in depressive illness.


We know that the vast majority of individuals with depressive illness will benefit from one of the available antidepressant agents, but we do not know how antidepressants achieve this effect, similar to the initial years when antibiotics were first used.  At present it is not possible to predict which particular medication is best suited to any individual patient’s chemistry, so that the antidepressant first prescribed may need to be changed after some time if it is not effective.  Statistically, any antidepressant has a 70% change of helping an individual patient.


DOSAGE :The normal dosage is one tablet twice per day, and the normal maximum dosage is three tablets per day.


TIMING:  Because they are energising, the tablets should be taken morning and lunch, or take all the medication in the morning if the lunchtime dose is interfering with your sleep.


SIDE EFFECTS :You may experience some or none of the following :

1.Nausea – taking the medication after food may resolve this problem.


3.Dizziness or unsteadiness, especially when standing up from a sitting position, when getting out of bed, or when exercising or bending over and straightening up.

4.Difficulty sleeping – taking the medication early in the day may resolve this problem.

5.Constipation, dry mouth, blurring of vision – the antidote UROCARB may resolve these problems.

6.Sweating – the antidote PROBANTHINE may resolve this problem.

7.Difficulty passing urine (especially males) – UROCARB may help with this problem.

8.Agitation or shaking – reduce the dose if this occurs.

9.Epileptic seizures – if you or people in your family have a history of this problem, do not take EDRONAX until you have discussed it with your doctor.

10. Irritability


  • Dry mouth – if you develop this, good dental hygiene is important, due to the absence of saliva; otherwise, severe dental problems can develop.  Bitter drinks or an antidote medication (Urocarb) may help if needed.



NEED TO VARY DOSAGE :This medication will eventually overwhelm your symptoms, if it works for you.  With no symptoms left to absorb the powerful medication, you may experience yawning, drowsiness, difficulty finding the right word, or simple errors in spelling or calculation.  Reduce the medication for 2 or 3 days, until these problems resolve, and restart at a lower dose.  At times of extra stress, you may need to increase the dose (so that your concentration and memory are back to normal, being good indicators or good symptom control).


LENGTH OF TREATMENT :Once you recover, you will need to keep taking the tablets for up to a year afterwards, to prevent the chemical imbalance from returning.  These tablets are not at all addictive.  It is important to reduce the dose gradually.


PRECAUTIONS :Do not take these tablets :


  1. If you develop a rash or hives while taking this medication.
  2. If you have taken Parnate within the previous 2 weeks.
  3. If you intend becoming pregnant in the next month.


USE OF ALCOHOL :You can have a small amount of alcohol quite safely with these tablets, but do remember that one drink may have the effect of 2 or 3 drinks.


COUGHS & COLDS The warning not to take Sudafed, Sinutabs etc if taking antidepressants does not apply to this medication.

14 thoughts on “INFORMATION ABOUT EDRONAX (reboxetine)

  1. Hillary says:

    It is good for doctors to know about this drug is available again in Australia, as it does not have that dangerous side effect of serotonin reaction that happens when people are also taking something for bad pain. My doctor assumed it was a ssri til i told him no, its not. Only then did he pull up the info and finally would prescribe it. Nice doctor he just did not happen to know about it. Had no idea and asked me to be sure and come back to report how it goes.

    • James says:

      Its been shown to be less effective then most/all other antidepressants and increases risk of heart attack and stroke. It was a marketing stunt, and you get high as fuck the first week you’re on it then it peters out to nothing. If it works for you good, but statistically speaking its not great. What is likely to happen is you take it in the morning, then have an energy crash, then take it again and crash again later. You will have to carry a box of pills around with you everywhere goodluck if you miss a dose by a few hours.

      • Christine chavasse says:

        What happens if you miss a dose by a few hours. My psychiatrist has told me to stop taking it so I missed my lunchtime tablet and now i am a emotional mess but I did have a crappy day so not sure if its the reboxetine or jist my day today

      • Daniel Callaghan says:

        I’ve had for 3 months now and it has changed my life. I’m 38 and wish I started when I was 20 so I could get all those years back. For me it is far better than aropax. The feeling of dread is gone and there is no high or low you mention

  2. Bev Gillanders says:

    It has been unavailable for so long, I have had to search for it & now reduced to half a tablet till available again, I find this very annoying on a medication that is promoted and taken by a large amount of people then suddenly unavailable with no time frame. nearly 4 months so far. Still waiting in WA for it. Don’t promote something you can not supply.

  3. Suek says:

    I don’t know why but when I take edronax in the morning it seems to make me tired.
    I’ve been told it should do the opposite, has anyone else experienced tiredness from this medication.

  4. Diane says:

    Yes, I have felt very fatigued in first two days on half a tablet morning and dinner, so much that I had to take a rest, but couldn’t sleep. Very broken sleep last night, and probably again tonight. Will be sure to take 2nd half tablet at lunchtime from now on, thanks to above advice. I am feeling positive that it will all settle down in time. It’s worth a try.

  5. Charlotte says:

    I have been on this medication for over 6 years on and off. This medication does not make you drowsy wich is the main reason I have it instead of the other medications wich just make you feel like a zombie. I prefer to feel awake than zonked out. I have tried to stop taking it and it really messed with my mood. I have a constant dry mouth from this medication.

  6. Lexie says:

    I’m currently reducing my dose and never meet or speak to anyone else who is also taking Edronax. I’m still not sure exactly what it does for me. At first I really felt that it helped, definitely doesn’t make me feel tired like the SSRI’s do, but after almost 4 years on it, anxiety never really getting better…worse in fact…I felt like the Edronax could be contributing. So reducing slowly to see what happens, and try to figure out what the Edronax really is & has been doing for me. Would love to hear others experiences, or find out where to go for more resources and anywhere I can connect with others who have been on it/are on it. I have this sense that most other people who take it, tend to keep it to themselves and don’t share a whole lot…possibly because it’s had controversies etc? But I think if it works that’s great and more people should share!

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