Tablets for high blood pressure (hypertension) have been known for very many years to have depression as a side effect, although newer treatments for the condition seem to have this complication less frequently.


The contraceptive pill, especially containing high levels of oestrogen, has also been known to be associated with an increased risk of depression.  Again, more modern preparations of the Pill, which usually have less oestrogen, seem to have this complication less frequently.  In some women, taking regular Vitamin B6 overcomes this problem, while B6 is normally not effective in depressive illness caused by other factors.


HRT (Hormone replacement therapy) can sometimes  cause depression, and can sometimes help depression.


Steroid (Cortisone) medications are notorious for causing mood instability, either depression or the condition known as ‘hypomania’, in which the affected person is almost unstoppably over-active, talkative and uncontrolled in his or her behaviour and spending. It is estimated that 25% of people taking this type of medication will develop either depression or hypomania.


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