Clinical Associate Professor, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne

Honorary Psychiatrist, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Consultant Psychiatrist in Private Practice


Dr. David Horgan was educated in Dublin, where he won his training hospital medals in both medicine and surgery.  He trained in psychiatry in Edinburgh.  He completed his Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the UK, and also obtained a Diploma in Psychological Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons & Physicians in London.  He simultaneously obtained the degree of Master of Philosophy in Psychiatry from the University of Edinburgh.


Dr. Horgan moved to Melbourne  as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He completed his Fellowship of the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, and he also completed a Doctorate Thesis in the University of Melbourne, on Psychiatric Aspects of Coronary Artery Surgery. He is mainly involved in private practice in psychiatry, particularly treating resistant depression, usually on referral from other psychiatrists.


He owns,, and


He has an intense commitment to community suicide prevention. He established an Australia-wide freecall telephone suicide prevention service in 1997, listed under Suicide in all 55 telephone directories, which receives many thousands of calls per year. He also established the websites and


as community services. He has recently established the registered Harm Prevention charity Australian Suicide Prevention Foundation, and its fundraising website



Australian Depression Directory


Dr Horgan has been heavily involved over many years in teaching psychiatry to GPs, emphasizing practicalities, and encouraging GPs to expand their treatment options.


Please note that Dr Horgan is fully booked treating resistant depression, and is only rarely available for once-off assessments on referral from a GP.




FAX: 03 9853 0744

MEDIA: Tel 03 9853 5211  or Email

PO Box 222

North Melbourne

Vic 3051



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