It’s like a heart attack

Your friend is suffering

Is it just unhappiness?

Describing depression

Why, How it happens

Blood test for depression

What if I ignore it?

It won’t get me

A secret illness for some

Fear of the unknown

Will depression return?

Long term prevention

Who gets depression?

Protecting my family

One thought on “The Main Points

  1. Olivia says:

    So I have been feeling like this for sometimes, I am always sad and nothing can cheer me up I don’t ever look forward to everything and seeing anyone and don’t like taking to enyone / hanging out with enyone not even my friends and nothing makes me happy and I don’t like everything and I never feel like I want to eat and never think and feel like I am happy to be alive and don’t feel like I want to see eny of my friends again and everything I use to like, I don’t like and I don’t feel like I like everything in this world and I can’t even feel like I am happy with with people in my family when they I have always wanted to be with them and I live in ballart and always go to school in Melbourne for 2 days but when I live ballart I feel sad and when I live to go back to ballart I don’t feel happy about it and don’t feel happy I am going to see my family even though I don’t want to go back to Melbourne and everything time I am In Melbourne I feel sad and don’t feel happy I am in Melbourne I don’t feel happy wherever I am and I don’t feel like I want I want to see my older friend sometime soon and it makes me feel like I Bad friend and I dont feel like I think eny of my friends r nice even though they r 😐😐 what should I do about all of this?? 💔💔

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